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Do you need a Cash Loan up to R2500? Contact Mulah Quick Cash Loans. With Mulah Quick Cash loan calculator you can quickly decide on the loan amount and calculate the interest and fees till your next pay day. The full costs are displayed and we show you how it is calculated – No surprises! When you are satisfied you can hit the Apply Now button. We will then need some personal and banking information from you to enable us to do a quick credit check.

Mulah has gone paperless for existing clients, No documents have to be signed and faxed or mailed back to us, it all happens online!

Existing clients that want to apply for a Mulah loan can apply via the My account section. All contracts will be signed simply by clicking the Accept buttons. The only documents that we would still need is your latest 3 months bank statements, but this can easily be uploaded via our upload widget from your desktop PC.

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