How to apply for RDP housing online

To apply for an RDP house, you need to comply the National Housing Subsidy Scheme. A screening process is then performed & the successful candidates identified.

Howto check for RDP application online

To check your RDP house online or to check your housing status you have these options.

RDP Housing Waiting List

Just remember that after you’ve registered for your RDP house, your name will on the RDP waiting list for houses in Gauteng.

You’ll also be on the provincial housing need register, & housing demand database, so that as &when housing projects are completed, hopefully your name will be included in those who are allocated a house.

RDP Housing Qualifying Criteria

Those who fulfil the following criteria are those who qualify for RDP houses.

  • RDP Houses are only for South African citizens who have valid SA ID documents.
  • You must be over 21 years of age & have contractual capacity.
  • You must be married or live permanently with your partner or have dependents.
  • If you’re single you need to have financial dependents to qualify for a RDP house.
  • Your total household income cannot exceed R3500 per month
  • Aged persons who are single and are without financial dependents.
  • You must be a first time government subsidy recipient.
  • You need to be a first time home owner & cannot have owned property previously or currently anywhere in South Africa.
  • If you’re a single Military Veteran without financial dependent you qualify.

Please note that these conditions are subject to change at any time.

Furthermore, if an applicant’s income is higher than the maximum amount, the amount of the subsidy will decrease accordingly.

If the RDP housing application is approved the applicant will then receive the house together with the plot of land it is built on & all the relevant services in terms of water & electricity, sewerage etc.

A further subsidy can be applied for by the home owner, in the form of an indigent subsidy to subsidise the cost of the services if the owner earns less than R1000 a month.

For this extra subsidy, home owners need to apply at the indigent office & also need to go through this application process every year as the income status of the resident may change.

Please note that these conditions are subject to change at any time.


  • You can find RDP houses for sale in Tembisa, Mamelodi, Cosmo City, Khayelitsha, Atteridgeville, Olievenhoutbosch, Ivory Park and all over South Africa.
  • Applicants should bear in mind that they will only be able to get one housing subsidy ever & will never be granted another one
  • RDP house cannot be sold or rented out – they are provided solely for the applicant’s accommodation
  • Any RDP owner wanting to extend or renovate their house before eight years of ownership will need to obtain permission from their local municipality
  • Special treatment is given to disabled applicants – the design of the house may also be changed to accommodate the special needs of the person’s disability


Applying For a Home Loan Is Probably the Only Option For Those Middle Income Groups Who Earn Too Much For a RDP House

For those whose income is too high to be considered for RDP housing will need to apply for a home loan in order to buy or build their own houses.

This however is easier said than done as with the new Credit Act home loans are only granted on affordability once all your usual expenses are taken into account.

So while the interest rates are at all time lows, lending institutions are extremely reluctant to grant home loans to applicants whose earnings are borderline.