Bridge Loans – Loans of up to R15 000

A a personal loan from Bridge Loans may give you the financial boost you need. Blacklisted individuals can expect to be assisted by Bridge Loans; however this will come at the cost of a higher interest rate charged.

Why should you choose Bridge Loans?

  • This institution offers loans that are available to blacklisted individuals
  • Loans are offered through an easy online application process. There are no queues to wait in or face-to-face interviews with consultants
  • Existing customers have the option of a top up loan. Once the previous loan has been paid in full, they are given the option of getting another loan without having to re-apply
  • There is no collateral required, so applicants don’t need to worry about having to provide any assets as surety for the loans
  • If you need a loan for short term needs, Bridge Loans may be ideal for your needs

What are the qualifying criteria?

You must be above the age of 18 years

You must provide proof of employment

How can one apply for Bridge Loans?

  • Simply complete an online application by visiting the website
  • You can also apply in-branch at any of Bridge Loans’ numerous branches nationwide

Friendly and helpful support staff members are available to assist you. There are also qualified advisors to guide you through the entire process.